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Friver is your favorite friv games website. Here you can play adventure games, puzzle games, skill games, sports games, multiplayer games, action games, flash games and many more addictive games. Whatever game you feel like sampling out, we’ve got you covered.

Friv is a trailblazer in the casual game territory, we reach many unique users every month thanks to our unique way of developing and distributing fresh content. Besides that, if you are someone who enjoys interacting with other gamers, you’ll be glad to discover our social features too. You can nurture your passion for the art as you mingle with the industry-leaders. Besides that, this is the only place where your track record gets better with time as your sample some of the interesting options available.

Why Friv Is So Cool

*We Have Fresh Games

We launch a whole list of new stuff every week. We work with many top-notch, independent developers from across the globe to bring the best gaming ideas to the table. As such, you can look forward to widening your scope of online games over time.

*We Are Innovative

Everything from the layout of our content to quality of gaming concepts and scripting is well thought out. Our job is to seek out new ideas, and foster unique experiences from the world’s most sought-after think-tanks.

*We Lead, Others Follow

Friv is a leader in the online game sphere. We pride ourselves in representing developers and games that redefine history and break the mold.

*We Listen To Feedback

Our gamers know what they like. Our call of duty is to make it easy for them to share their suggestions with us – through reviews, ratings and favorites.

*No Need To Sign Up

You don’t have to sign up to play the games. You only need to browse over the small tiles of different games and click on the one that you’re interested in. Then the game will launch on that same window (no pop-ups).

*We Are All About Simplicity

We have been working hard to make our interface super-simple and interactive so that anybody can explore the wide variety of games. Currently we have more than 700 games (all of them free). Our categories are:

- Action Games
- Multiplayer Games
- Defense Games
- Sports Games
- Fighting Games
- Racing Games

All these games can be accessed from our home page as you only need to hover the mouse over the tiles to identify and start a game. Not surprisingly, the site is popular with kids, adults and teens. Best of all we use Flash Programming technology to make sure our content is of superior quality.

Benefits Of Being On Friv

Playing games on Friver is not only free but also offers you an opportunity to see and enjoy the world in a different way. Players of all walks of life (irrespective of age) find this the perfect place to entertain themselves in the comfort of their homes.

All one needs is a PC connected to the internet to start enjoying the games. This minimal investment allows you a completely new world of entertainment in the form of free high quality online games.

All our games are at your disposal anytime of the day, be it night or day. And for even more excitement, you can navigate through different levels of games offered as you sharpen your skills. This option works as a pleasant breather for overworked students, office workers and even entrepreneurs in today’s hectic schedule.

Some additional benefits of visiting Friv frequently include:

*Better Decision Making Skills

Some of our games require split-second decisions and fast reactions which can determine if they win or lose. As such these games give you plenty of practice for making concrete decisions even in the real world.

*Stress Free

Research has found that gamers who suffer mental health issues such as depression and stress can vent their frustration and anger by playing games. Further our games can help improve resilience and even empower one’s fighting spirit.

Once again, welcome to Friver. We are your number one spot for free online games. Quality is our other name and that is why we keep raising the bar to ensure our standards surpass the average. So whether you are looking for a pass-time activity or a cool way to challenge yourself, don’t look back, this is the place to be.